How to Apply NCCI Guidelines to Surgical Notes

How to Apply NCCI Guidelines to Surgical Notes

Posted by Lori A. Cox
Jun 2, 2020 9:15:54 AM

When we code and audit surgery notes, one of the biggest challenges our community faces is complying with the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI).

As most of you will know, the NCCI was developed by CMS in order to promote correct coding that leads to inappropriate payment of Part B claims. But the correct coding initiative can be very tricky to understand.

Back in March, I presented the webinar, How to Accurately Dissect an Operative Note, where I discussed surgery notes and spoke on topics including modifiers, residents and co-surgeons, and global components, amongst others. As I mentioned during the presentation, I like to define “initiative” as the ability to assess and initiate. Not just slap a modifier on it and go on your way. But other than that, I barely scratched the surface of NCCI edits as they relate to surgery notes.

After hearing back from so many of you on the presentation, I realize there’s a lot more to cover on the topic. So, we thought we’d follow up on that wildly successful webinar, with a new one titled, “A Closer Look: How to Audit Surgical Notes,” where I’ll discuss with you:

  • How to Use Modifier 59
  • What the NCCI Edits Mean and How They are Used
  • How to Explain CCI Edits to Providers

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