The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "Threat of Job Loss" Z56.2

Rumors are swirling. Will there be downsizing? Will Elon Musk buy the company and replace everyone with robots? Ada’s mind is filled with fears of being given the heave-ho and having to box up her favorite lava lamp and Funko Pop figures.

Before she knows it, Ada is lost in a deep and mesmerizing daydream, and finds herself standing in a long line of people looking very hungry. She prepares herself for what she will say when she reaches the counter — “May I have some bread, please sir?”

The sounds of the copy machine across the aisle shakes her awake, and she snaps back to reality. Ada steadies her nerves and points her web browser to “Linked All In.” She sticks out her tongue and gets crackin’ on updating her profile, as the anxious sweat pours off her forehead onto the keyboard.

After a fierce hour of beautifying her online career profile, calm washes over Ada and the irrational fears subside. Satisfied at last, she leans back in her ergonomic desk chair with built-in lumbar support — and gravity does the rest.

The next thing she sees are the bright lights from her office ceiling and a mysterious man in uniform staring down at her. The medic kneels down and gazes into Ada’s dilated pupils — “ma’am, are you okay?”

And for the very first time, Ada realized that fear of losing her job could be dangerous to her physical wellbeing.


Misadventures of Ada

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