Ada’s HEALTHCON 2023 Megastar Misadventures

It’s HEALTHCON 2023 – Ada's opportunity to be surrounded by people who truly understand her. She can’t wait to network and chit chat with colleagues and make a great impression. And the best part? It’s a great break from workin' 9 to 5.

While she’s prepared for all the fun of the conference, she’s not prepared for the possibility of a celebrity sighting. Nashville residents are used to seeing Miley Cyrus walking down the street, Brad & Kimberly Paisley doing some shopping, or even Reba McEntire out to dinner.

Ada sees the camera flashes first, and then the large entourage. Who could it be? The group is heading straight for Ada, the paparazzi buzzing like flies around this mystery megastar. When Ada finally sees who it is, her emotions get the best of her...

The Misadventures of Ada - ICD-10 Code R45.89


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