The PEPPER Report, 101

The PEPPER Report, 101

Posted by Heather Greene
Aug 27, 2019 10:15:54 AM

Do you love free billing compliance resources as much as we do? But do you hate when free resources need their own free resources just to make sense of it all?

Take, for instance, the Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report, (aka The PEPPER Report). The PEPPER Report, created by TMF Health Quality Institute, provides your organization with a bird’s-eye-view of your billing practices, and compares your practices with regional and national averages. The PEPPER Report is an excellent, free resource that can identify and guide you through areas where your hospital should focus its auditing and monitoring efforts.

But it’s a complex report, and a little daunting to tackle. Sure, it’s got a ton of valuable information, but if you’re new to the report how, exactly, are you supposed to:

  • Translate the PEPPER Report Into Actionable Data
  • Identify Target Areas Relevant to You
  • Monitor and Address Areas of Risk Within Your Organization

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to dive into this free resource and start using it for your own hospital, I’d recommend downloading our new eGuide, The PEPPER Report: An Introduction to Risk Management.

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