Back to the Basics of Compliance

“Keep It simple, stupid.” This is a famous project management/design principle with the well-known acronym KISS. While it sounds a little harsh, at its core, the acronym is supposed to function as a reminder not to make your business (or compliance) processes any more complex than they need to be, or you’ll just end up creating more work for yourself.

As compliance professionals, sometimes we overcomplicate things. And even though the work of compliance programs may be difficult, that doesn’t always mean it needs to be complicated. It can be beneficial to go back to the basics when things become overcomplicated.

In this upcoming webinar, Taking it Back to the Basics, our compliance expert, CJ Wolf, MD, will explain how we can move forward by glancing back. It will benefit both the beginning compliance professional and the experienced one. Simplifying your current challenges through the eyes of compliance basics can bring clarity to your strategy. Tune in to learn the:

    • Importance of compliance programs and their foundational principles
    • Principles of KISS
    • Ways to assess compliance challenges through simplified steps

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