Feeling Stressed? Get This Free Self-Care Checklist for Compliance Professionals

Feeling Stressed? Get This Free Self-Care Checklist for Compliance Professionals

Posted by Healthicity
Oct 7, 2021 10:13:46 AM


You’ll need all of the energy you can get to create a corporate compliance plan or edit an existing one.

Three balanced meals per day and two snacks are ideal but chugging a protein shake over your keyboard while you speed type with one hand counts too (just don’t make it a habit).

Get Clean:

After a long day of identifying potential risks, go home and take a nice, hot, sea salt bath or give yourself permission to cry in the shower. A good cry does wonders for the nervous system.

Drink Water:

Drinking game idea! Down one 8 oz glass of water every time you properly create, maintain, store, or distribute a document. Staying hydrated is crucial for a healthy body and a clear compliance mind.

Practice Mindfulness:

Before heading to any training meeting where you’re tasked with the monumental job of teaching folks how to be compliant, spend ten minutes on your favorite mindfulness app. Take a deep breath and feel your body in your office chair.

Listen to Your Body:

When processing or dealing with complaints, pay attention to the tension in your shoulders or that panicky feeling in your chest. Take a break when you need it. And never underestimate a good vacation (or even a staycation).

Utilize Stress Tools:

When holding employees accountable, diffuse some lavender essential oils. Light a candle, or have a fountain going in your office corner. The ambiance might be a little confusing for the occasion, but you’ll feel relaxed while going through the process.

Make Time For Friends:

Community is everything in every career. Don’t forget the power of friendship. In between safeguarding whistleblowers, make time for compliance conferences, or join an online group.

Bullet Journal:

You’re tasked with finding solutions to all kinds of problems. Sometimes, writing it all down can help you process complicated feelings and see a situation clearly. Buy a cute bullet journal, fill it with inspirational stickers, and scribble your way to a more peaceful you.


Creating a culture of compliance can be difficult. It can be stressful, and some days you might feel like you’re on a neverending rollercoaster ride. Sometimes, the best way to cope with it all is just to laugh.


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