Free Healthcare Risk Assessment Checklists

The OIG–and any trained compliance officer–will recommend that every healthcare organization conduct regular assessments of your compliance program. It is only by performing these assessments that you have the opportunity to correct problems before they fester and turn into hefty government fines.

Healthcare regulations will continue to evolve as new guidance is released. And just like death and taxes, this evolution is certain to continue. These changes require your organization to take a deeper look at your operations, to identify the risks that will impact your organization so you can create a plan to mitigate these risks.

Our compliance staff has created dozens of compliance assessment checklists for our Compliance Manager clients. For a limited-time-only, we’re making three of those assessment checklists available to our readers for free. These Compliance Risk Assessment checklists are easy-to-use tools that help your facility focus on specific areas of risk, then add them to your workplan to improve your compliance program’s effectiveness.

Get your free assessment checklists to measure your compliance program today. In just a few moments, you can get started measuring your training and education, lines of communication and conduct a risk assessment. And just in case you haven’t already, you can also download our new COVID-19 Risk Assessment Checklist, which is a super-easy and dynamic tool for measuring your organization’s COVID-specific compliance.

Download the Checklists Here >>

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