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A Host of Challenges. A Suite of Solutions.

Healthcare is a complex industry with countless regulations and a persistent pressure on providers to be efficient, prepared, and organized.

Isn’t it time we did something to simplify it? At Healthicity, we deliver simple, intuitive solutions that solve the challenges faced in healthcare. We are engineers, coders, auditors, artists and teachers. And where some see complexity, we see an opportunity to improve the business of healthcare.



Partnership Opportunities:


Audit Manager and Compliance Manager are the most intuitive and powerful tools for simplifying the work of healthcare organizations. Our software and services deliver an amazing user experience and empower today’s workforce to do something truly special, in a very specialized industry.


Consultants, legal counsel, associations – any healthcare orgganization whose clients would benefit from next-generation solutions to simplify their auditing, compliance and training needs.

Intelligent auditing solutions and services that simplify the life and work of your coders, auditors and providers.

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Affordable compliance solutions that ensure your organization is fully compliant, even when audited.

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Effective, efficient coding is a complex art form. Replace your organization’s uncertainty with peace of mind.

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Efficient operations start with a solution designed to exceed your training needs of all of your employees.

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