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Legal and Compliance, The Great Divide?

The HHS OIG wants Legal and Compliance to maintain some boundaries – but how do you ensure you’re following OIG’s best practices?  

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OIG Scrutiny: Compliance Insights for Health Care Newcomers

Discover key insights into healthcare compliance for newcomers, unraveling OIG's latest insights, and addressing the unique challenges they face.

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OIG GCPG: Direction on Consequences & Incentives

Let’s explore the fine balance of consequences and incentives to encourage adherence to your compliance program according to the OIG's GCPG. 

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OIG GCPG: Risk Assessment Overview

The OIG is putting the spotlight on risk assessments in their new General Compliance Program Guidance – let's talk about why! 

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OIG GCPG: Patient Quality & Safety Considerations

Is patient quality and safety included in your compliance program? Let’s talk about why it should be and how it coincides with the OIG's GCPG.

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OIG GCPG: Emphasis on Medical Necessity

Let’s talk medical necessity and why it’s a crucial part of keeping your compliance program up to date from the OIG's General Compliance Program Guidance.

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The OIG's New General Compliance Program Guidance

The OIG recently released new compliance program guidance – and it’s a doozy - a 90-page doozy. Watch this webinar for a rundown of what you need to know.

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