Medical Auditing Analytics Software


Medical Auditing Analytics Software

Intelligent Auditing. Now with Even More Smarts.

With the power of Analytics, you can streamline the normally burdensome process of determining which providers to audit. By comparing your providers to nearly 34 million claims worth of data, you'll save your audit staff time and effort by pinpointing providers who are a risk to your organization.


Risk Identification

Create a strategic focus for your audit program by targeting your most at-risk providers. Analytics calculates code utilization and ranks your providers so that the highest-risk providers stand out when compared to their peers or to the national benchmark for their specialty.

Pattern Recognition

View billing patterns of risky providers over time and inspect patient encounters that contribute to this risk. Then, easily export claims into Audit Manager to begin your audits.

Chart Analysis

Generate your own procedure analysis to compare your providers with their peers. With a few clicks, you can view how your providers and organization stacks up against national averages. Focus on any procedure, E/M level distribution, specialty or modifier.

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