Free Webinar: Surprising Skills That Compliance Officers Lack

Free Webinar: Surprising Skills That Compliance Officers Lack

Posted by CJ Wolf
Dec 13, 2018 9:02:42 AM

The most effective line of defense your organization can implement against federal prosecution, including both civil and criminal enforcement, is an effective compliance program. However, it’s not attainable without the right compliance officer.

The compliance industry needs more compliance professionals with skills and knowledge to lead an effective compliance program. Surprisingly, many compliance officers lack the skills and knowledge ideal to adequately manage a compliance program.

Many organizations have difficulty determining precisely what they should be looking for in a candidate because the Compliance Officer career path is unclear and competencies required are broad. But the great news is that you can help educate your organization on what they should be looking for.

Tune in to my free upcoming webinar, An Experts Guide to Building a Career in Healthcare Compliance, to discover what you can do to become an ideal compliance candidate or what your organization should look for when hiring or promoting someone into compliance. I’ll cover overlooked compliance program activities, compliance workflow and processes, ways to improve, management skills, and much, much, more.

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