Get All Eight 2018 Ada Cartoons Today for a Limited-Time-Only

Get All Eight 2018 Ada Cartoons Today for a Limited-Time-Only

Posted by Healthicity
Dec 27, 2018 10:17:08 AM

All year you’ve been watching Ada’s unfortunate luck unfold as she was poisoned by a frog, overdosed on spicy food, swooned and fell, and crafted herself into oblivion. Now, for the holidays and a limited-time-only, you can get all eight Ada comics from 2018 in one magical and hilarious PDF.

Ada makes a great gift for all of your auditor co-workers. You can quickly and easily make a little Ada booklet, calendar, or card for the holidays. Or you can keep her to yourself and hang her in your office for a little ICD-10 reminder and brighten up your cubicle.

The full set for 2018 will only be available through the end of the year so download your free copy and get the following eight cartoons in your inbox today:

  • Pecked by a Chicken–ICD-10 Code: W61.33XA
  • Blister (Nonthermal) of Oral Cavity, Initial Encounter–ICD-10 Code: S00.522A
  • Injured While Dancing–ICD-10 Code: Y93.41
  • Toxic Effect of Contact with Venomous Frog–ICD-10 Code: T63.813A
  • Anxiety Disorder Unspecified–ICD-10: F41.9
  • Activities Involving Arts & Crafts–ICD-10 Code: Y93.D
  • Dizziness from Giddiness–ICD-10: W61.336A
  • Spacecraft Collision Injuring Occupant–ICD-10 Code: V95.43XS

    Download the PDF

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