How to Ensure Compliance During (and After) a Crisis

During these extraordinary times, as the world races to quell a pandemic, all of us are being asked to do more, with less. And while the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges to our daily work lives, at Healthicity, it’s our aim to provide comfort in helping you navigate the new normal - whatever that may look like within your unique organization.

Right now you're likely uncovering new incidents you've never seen before. Or working, managing, and training employees remotely. And you're probably updating existing, and creating new policies and procedures at breakneck speed. And you're doing all of this at a time when resources are constrained.

To help ensure you remain both productive and compliant during these times, I will be hosting a webinar with Remo Peshkepia, our compliance solutions engineer. We’ll start by focusing on areas many of you are facing in the “new normal”, like exploring best practices for working and managing teams remotely (which is an area I have some experience in, after having been doing it for the last five years).

Then, Remo and I will show you how software can be a productivity booster, and help you with:

  • Best Practices for Creating and Managing New Incidents
  • Workflows to Quickly Create and Distribute Policies & Procedures
  • Tips for Creating and Assigning Training Materials

The live presentation will be on Wednesday, May 6 at 1PM ET. Even if you can’t make the live date, be sure to register, because we’ll send you a copy of the recording and a link to our slide deck.

Hope to see you there. But more importantly, on behalf of the whole Healthicity team, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe.

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