I Passed – Now What?

There’s always been a great deal of discussion around the challenge of finding a coding position, and also around where a coding certification might take you after a little experience under your belt. After almost 30 years in the industry, I thought maybe I could shine some light into this dark and confusing corner.

A key thing to remember is that the more you know, the more employable you are. While it is definitely important to have a great resume, a professional appearance, and a professional email and voicemail, ultimately your knowledge is the major factor employers are looking at. How do you meet that challenge? Never stop learning. Learn everything that you can, constantly.

Continuing Education: Simple Ways to Keep Learning

  • Keep reading- newsletters, journals, forums, etc.
  • Attend webinars, seminars, and other presentations that are offered.
  • Network with others in the healthcare field to learn about what they do in their job and tell them what you do.
  • Gain whatever experience you can in your job by asking for new assignments and responsibilities, even consider a lateral transfer to learn something new.

Where to Seek Employment as a Medical Coder

There are many places you can go with medical coding, both to start and as you gain experience. To start your career, consider working for a doctor, dentist, hospital, home health, payer or DME supplier. Try positions such as biller, clerk, receptionist, Health Unit Coordinator, registration, scheduling, pre authorization specialist, claims processor or appeals specialist.

Later, as you gain experience, there are positions such as manager, auditor, compliance specialist and educator to consider.

Earning your coding certification is a big accomplishment. It also opens the door to many wonderful career opportunities, both initially and in years to come. So don’t worry, you’re already well on your way. You’ve got this!

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