What I Learned at AMA CPT® and RBRVS Symposium for 2020

In November of 2019, I attended the annual AMA CPT® and RBRVS Symposium for 2020. I’ve been attending the symposium almost every year since 1998, and like in years past, there was a lot to cram into this three-day event.

Because I learned so much, and because I know not all of you could attend, I thought I’d share some of the highlights from the nearly 400 changes in store for us in 2020. I’ve packaged all of my highlights into a new eBrief titled, “What I Learned from the 2020 AMA CPT® and RBRVS Symposium.”

For instance, one of my favorite speaking sessions was delivered by Drs. Peter Hollmann and Christopher Jagmin, who co-presented on the significant E/M changes we can look forward to in January 2021. But I also attended a bunch of new, smaller courses where some of my highlights included:

  • Updates from the Team of CMS Medical Directors
  • New office visit documentation guidelines for 2021
  • A Slew of New Updates to Surgery Codes

So, if you weren’t able to attend (or even if you were, but are interested in a different perspective), you can find all of the updates, plus my personal symposium highlights in our free eBrief.

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