Episode: 53
Maximizing the Power of Clinical and Compliance Collaboration

Looking for strategies to enhance the partnership between physicians and compliance teams?

Listen to the Episode - Maximizing the Power of Clinical and Compliance Collaboration

Today’s episode of Compliance Conversations features a conversation between CJ Wolf, MD, and his longtime colleague and medical compliance expert, Jay McVean. Jay has over two decades of experience in medical billing and coding, and he currently serves as the Director of Medical School Billing Compliance at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Let’s face it – compliance can sometimes feel impersonal when you’re reviewing results, implementing processes, or conducting audits, but Jay and CJ discuss the essential importance of cultivating strong relationships with doctors and compliance teams.

Tune in to hear us talk about:

    • Common billing and coding pain points from doctors
    • How to effectively communicate audit results to physicians and encourage best practices
    • Shifting the perception of compliance towards partnership and positivity

By taking the time to understand physician workflows, challenges, and needs, compliance teams can deepen their cross-collaborative efforts and enhance compliance and auditing programs.


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