Episode: 75
How Compliance Teams Can Build Trust to Accelerate Success

Get expert insights on securing buy-in for your compliance efforts – especially from frontline employees.

Listen to the Episode - How Compliance Teams Can Build Trust to Accelerate Success

In this episode, we welcomed Stacey Crudup, Chief Compliance Officer at The SEES Group, to share her insights on why building relationships with team members on the front lines of healthcare is essential in driving strong compliance programs.

Stacey's experience and practical advice shed light on the benefits of understanding the business, spending time with your internal teams, and creating value through compliance efforts.

Tune in to our new episode, “How Compliance Teams Can Build Trust to Accelerate Success,” to hear more about:

    • Stacey's journey into compliance from an IT background 
    • The importance of building relationships in the world of compliance 
    • Practical tips for embedding compliance into operations 
    • Overcoming obstacles in the process 
    • How to add value to your organization through compliance 

Stacey has unique expertise in recognizing the role of compliance in daily health care operations and communicating effectively with staff at all levels about the practical application of compliance principles. She is experienced in developing and executing organizational policies and procedures related to legal questions in the health care environment, compliance, and risk management. 


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