Episode: 67
Communication and Compliance – A Match Made in Training Heaven 

What can stronger communication do for your compliance training program?

Listen to the Episode - Communication and Compliance – A Match Made in Training Heaven

“Think like a lawyer, talk like a human, and start with your audience."

Those three key principles drive Kirsten Liston’s innovative approach to compliance training, and it’s why we invited her to join us on our latest episode of Compliance Conversations!

Kirsten is the CEO of Rethink Compliance and a two-time author. As a journalist turned compliance enthusiast, she has a unique perspective on how to integrate strong communication principles into training.

We cover everything from Kirsten’s unlikely start in the compliance industry to why her background as a writer and communicator enhances her ability to design effective training.

Listen to our conversation, “Communication and Compliance – A Match Made in Training Heaven,” to find out:

    • Kirsten’s best hacks for improving your training programs
    • How to measure the success of your efforts
    • Tips to modernize your compliance training


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