Medicare Advantage Compliance Under the Spotlight

Uncover the details behind Cigna's recent $172 million settlement as we delve into the compliance considerations for Medicare Advantage organizations. 

Download the eBrief - Medicare Advantage Compliance Under the Spotlight

Let's take a look behind the headlines of Cigna’s $172 million settlement.

Our latest eBrief, “Medicare Advantage Compliance Under the Spotlight,” explores the allegations and implications of Cigna's massive settlement. This case reveals the critical importance of compliance for Medicare Advantage organizations and healthcare providers alike.

Key highlights of the eBrief include:

    • An in-depth look at the allegations against Cigna
    • Recent enforcement actions and audits targeting Medicare Advantage organizations and diagnosis coding, indicating a broader trend in compliance scrutiny 
    • Real-world examples of providers facing enforcement actions, showcasing the risks associated with inaccurate diagnosis coding