Your Guide to Reports in Audit Manager

Let’s simplify your reporting processes AND help you spot trends faster

Download the eBrief - Your Guide to Reports in Audit Manager

Looking for an easier and faster way to review your audit data? You’re in luck!

Check out our latest eBrief, “Your Guide to Reports in Audit Manager,” which offers a quick overview of our most popular reports. From detailed provider and coder reports to competency and findings reports, we’re showing you how to maximize the possibilities of Audit Manager.

The eBrief covers:

  • What type of data to expect from different reports
  • How to leverage the data to enhance provider and coder practices
  • Strategies for creating custom reports and drilling down into trends and data

Whether you’re looking back over a few months or a few years, we have the in-depth reporting you need to identify areas of opportunities and help your team streamline their efforts.