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HIPAA Privacy and Security Services

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You’re likely to face many obstacles on your path to HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance. Expectations are high and you’re pressured with the vital, complicated task of meeting privacy and security requirements in a digital world where compliance regulations are always evolving and security breach is a constant threat.

Virtual Privacy and Chief Information Security Officer

Have you identified a gap in your current cyber security efforts? Identifying and retaining qualified talent for any industry can be challenging. Affording full-time talent may prove even more so. Our security advisory services team can augment your current Information Security Program, with proven leadership and excellent results. 

Privacy Rule Risk Assessment and Corrective Action

You may be familiar with the Privacy Rule, but are you compliant with it? Our HIPAA Privacy experts can evaluate, assess, and produce a gap assessment in accordance with the Privacy Rule, then create a customized approach to documenting and improving your organization’s compliance with the Privacy Rule.  

Security Rule Risk Assessment and Corrective Action

You probably know the difference between the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule, but do you know how to protect yourself from both potential threats? Not only should your organization identify current risks, but it should also identify risks that you face as a covered entity or business associate. Our security experts will conduct a comprehensive and accurate assessment, then help you develop effective action plans to keep your organization compliant. 

Benefits of Risk Analysis


Customized Options

Risk analysis solutions tailored to your organization’s specific size and needs.


Industry Expertise

Designed by leading healthcare security IT experts who understand HIPAA compliance.


of Mind

Spend less time worrying about compliance, data breach, fines, or incentive recoupment.


Affordable Options

Multiple options provide affordable solutions for budgets large or small.

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HIPAA Risk Analysis Brochure

Get a top-down view of the expert HIPAA Risk Analysis services offered by Healthicity and how they can help protect your organization.


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6 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Risk Analysis

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