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Uncertainty, complexity, and limited resources can make your compliance efforts difficult to manage – and prone to unnecessary risks. Protect your organization by letting industry-leading experts take the headache out of compliance, while strengthening the effectiveness of your compliance program. Leverage our Healthicity Compliance Experts to create and manage a program tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


Compliance Program Assessment

When was the last time you conducted a program assessment? Our experts will conduct a high-level overview of your entire compliance program, ensuring the 7 Elements of Effective Compliance are evident. Then, we’ll deliver a general assessment of potential gaps in your program. 

Compliance Effectiveness and Maturity Assessment

So, you’ve conducted your compliance program assessment, but is your program effective? How mature is it? Our most comprehensive assessment was developed using the DOJ Evaluation of Corporate Compliance and over 400 total controls. The Compliance Effectiveness and Maturity Assessment will quantify your program maturity, identify gaps, and develop solutions to increase the effectiveness of your compliance program. 


Code of Conduct and Policy Development

When was the last time you reviewed your code of conduct? What about your policies and procedures? Our team can review your current code of conduct, provide templates for your team to customize or author a new code of conduct specific to your organization’s needs, services, culture, and maturity. We can also review your privacy policy and help strengthen your existing compliance or privacy policies based on the goals of your compliance program. 

Compliance Communication Strategy

How are you reaching the members of your workforce? Do they know how to report concerns, are you providing regular and routine compliance education? If you would like to learn new ways to connect with your workforce, let one of our communication experts guide you to new and effective communication strategies. 


Auditing & Monitoring Plans

Did you know compliance professionals can spend up to 50% of their time auditing and monitoring their program? While auditing is an incredibly important element of an effective compliance program, it doesn't have to be so labor intensive. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of the OIG Workplan, evaluate the services your organization offers, and create an audit risk assessment, meaningful audits, and professional reports to deliver to your Board. 

Exclusion Screening Guidance

Are your employees eligible to work in healthcare? If you’re not sure, then you’re missing one of the most critical (and potentially expensive) risks facing any healthcare entity. Let our team evaluate and create a streamlined process to save time through either our expert guidance or our software solution to help you maintain compliance with the Exclusion Screening requirements. 


Special Investigation Plans and Templates

Have you ever had an “Oh No!” moment when you receive a complaint or allegation and you just do not know where to start? We’ll guide you through the process, help create an investigation plan, create effective interview questions, identify the required documentation, and offer advice to summarize, report, and close the most complex investigations. 

Compliance Board Reports

Has your Board asked you to create new reports or include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) not previously reported? We can help meet your reporting needs, assess your current reports, offer advice on improving current reports, or create new reports to meet your Board’s needs. 


Compliance Officer Mentorship

Are you new to Compliance? Whether you were volunteered to fill the role of your organization’s Compliance Officer, or are just starting your career in the field, our team can help guide you through the process, from establishing the 7 Elements to helping you navigate the complexities of a career healthcare compliance. 

Enterprise Risk Management Integrations

Do you know where all of your risks live, all of the time? One of the greatest strengths of a healthy compliance program is transparent and thoughtful integration with your organization’s enterprise risk management team. Whether you're coordinating internal or external audits, evaluating the impact to your operations, considering environmental factors, or evaluating patient care, transparency is a must. Which is where we come in. Integrating your compliance program with the Risk Management is a tremendous asset, and an area we excel at.  


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Our compliance experts have decades of industry experience and can help your organization protect itself from violations, fines, and revenue loss.


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