Compliance News Roundup: Domino Effect

1. Fort Myers doc pays $250K Medicare Fraud Settlement - “A Fort Myers urologist implicated in a multimillion-dollar federal investigation of 21st Century Oncology's billings to the Medicare and Tricare programs, will pay $250,000 to resolve allegations against him”

2. Fort Myers Urologist Agrees To Pay $250,000 For Ordering Unnecessary Medical Tests - “Tests ordered to increase profits rather than improve the healthcare of patients are an attack on Medicare and the American taxpayer,” said Special Agent in Charge Shimon R. Richmond of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. “This settlement demonstrates that such practices have consequences”:

3. Deeper Than the Headlines: Domino Effect - “If you retrace the filings and lawsuits in this particular case, it’s like watching the very beginning of a game of dominoes. The whistleblower who first brought the allegations to the government was a medical assistant of Dr. Spellberg. The first domino to fall was the $19.75 million settlement with 21st Century, announced in December of 2015. Shortly after, Dr. Spellberg settled for a little over $1 million in January of 2016. This has been followed by the announcement of Dr. Scappa’s settlement for $250,000": Deeper Than the Headlines: Domino Effect

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