Cybersecurity and Compliance: A Match Made in Risk Management Heaven

Hackers and phishing and spam – oh my! With frightful risks around every (digital) corner, it’s a great time for compliance professionals to engage with their workforces about cybersecurity.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to revisit your policies, evaluate various compliance risks, and develop risk responses. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more!

"The Intersection of Compliance and Cybersecurity"

Presenters: CJ Wolf, MD and Brian Burton, CHC, PMP

Live Date/Time: Wednesday, October 19 at 1 PM ET

CJ and Brian will discuss:

  • Incident response tabletop exercises – “Does Compliance Have a Seat at the Tabletop?”
  • Defining a breach – “Who Says the B Word?”
  • Privileged access – comparing our “Uses and Disclosure Policy” with IT “Privileged Access Management”

Did you know that in 2021 alone, cybercrime cost U.S. businesses over $6.9 billion? Despite that staggering cost, only 43% of businesses feel financially prepared to address a cyberattack. Cybersecurity can feel daunting, but proactivity is key in defending against cyber criminals – and compliance can play a major role in advancing cybersecurity practices in an organization.

It takes cross-functional collaboration and teamwork to implement strong cybersecurity practices and policies, something compliance teams are especially great at doing. Looking at cybersecurity through a compliance lens can empower leaders and organizations to motivate and encourage their teams to take an active role in safeguarding data against online attacks today and in the future.

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