A Deeper Dive Into the OIG’s Adverse Events Toolkits

The OIG and the health care community share the goal of protecting patients from harm, which is why the OIG created new Adverse Events toolkits. These toolkits aim to advance patient safety through a discussion of methodological considerations when designing studies about patient harm and by providing specific clinical guidance to facilitate medical record reviews.

Sign up for our upcoming webinar, “Patient Safety First: Exploring OIG's Adverse Events Toolkits,” to learn more about:

    • The background of OIG involvement in patient harm monitoring
    • New toolkits recently released by the OIG
    • Strategies for improving patient care and reducing harm events

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The Adverse Events Toolkits serve as technical resources to help healthcare professionals, government entities, and researchers in the identification and measurement of adverse events within hospital and inpatient settings. The toolkits help professionals with precise identification and categorization of adverse events, ultimately leading to safer patient experiences.

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