Free Webinar: The OIG is Modernizing and Asking Compliance Professionals for Help

Recently the OIG opened up and asked the public and compliance community for feedback to help them modernize and improve the way they share public data. This outreach involved a roundtable event to get valuable input from the public and compliance professionals.

In September 2021, the OIG published a formal “Request for Information” in the Federal Register. Officially titled, “OIG Modernization Initiative To Improve Its Publicly Available Resources—Request for Information.”

In addition to allowing the public to submit written comments online, the RFI also stated, “Notably, this RFI is just one action we are taking to gather input. We intend to conduct roundtables and are considering other ways to collect feedback, such as performing user surveys regarding targeted aspects of our data.”

Our compliance expert, CJ Wolf MD, joined the roundtable. The OIG invited him to give a sort of data wishlist on the information he’d love to see added and some thoughts on how the user experience could be improved on the site.

Join our free upcoming webinar, "The OIG’s Modernization Efforts Explained," to get a first-hand account of what the OIG hopes to achieve. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The OIG’s Modernization Goals
  • What Data Compliance Professionals Want
  • How You Can Use This Information to Evolve Your Organization

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