How to Boost Your Financial Health with a Custom Inpatient Audit Program

It’s no secret to those of us in coding and auditing that there seems to be never-ending changes in payer reimbursement and industry regulations, along with ever-increasing security of payer audits. And these changes are coming at us from both sides. Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and commercial payers are always keeping us on our toes. In turn, these changes are forcing hospitals to master their cash flow.

But in order to become a master of your cash flow management, every hospital needs to have its own unique inpatient audit program. The program needs to be robust, and reflect that organizations individual processes and procedures and its own needs. A program that matches the financial obligations and goals of the organization.

By having an effective inpatient audit program, suited to your unique organizational needs, you can effectively mitigate your risk of improper coding and reimbursement levels, all while boosting your organization's financial health. Over the years, the audit pros here at Healthicity have had a hand in creating many such programs. So, if you’re interested in learning the best practices we’ve learned along the way, I invite you to attend our upcoming webinar, How to Boost Your Financial Health with a Custom Inpatient Audit Program, where I’ll show you how to effectively:

  • Determine Which Types of Audits Your Hospital Should Perform
  • Establish the Right Volume of Records and Frequency of Review
  • Analyze Your Audit Results and Follow Up with the Appropriate Actions

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