How Healthicity’s Compliance Advisory Services Can Get You Back on Track

Managing a compliance program can feel like an endless task list you can not finish. Maybe you do not have enough resources or time. Do you feel like your compliance program activities are suffering because you do not have enough time or resources? Do you find yourself scrambling to finish your work by the end of every day?

You are not alone.

Uncertainty, complexity, and limited time or resources can make your compliance efforts difficult and unsuccessful. Strengthen your compliance program and protect your organization from violations by letting industry-leading experts take the heavy lifting and headache out of compliance. We can help you with:

    • Program Assessment
    • Effectiveness Review
    • Advisory Services

We can also help you comply with HIPAA and protect your ePHI with proven administrative, physical, and technical security procedures. Our experts can help your organization build a culture of privacy and security that can withstand an OCR investigation. We can help you with:

    • Risk Analysis
    • Training
    • Advisory Services
    • Penetration Testing

When misconduct allegations are made, our team can perform an investigation with tact, sensitivity, and without conflict of interest.

Join us for a free webinar with Dara Johnson-Ayodele, Director of Advisory Services, and Brian Burton, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, to discover Healthicity’s Advisory Services. You will learn to identify a lack of resources and how Healthicity can fill the gap in your compliance program. In this free webinar, you’ll learn how:

    • Healthicity’s Advisory Services can help fill the gap in your compliance program
    • Your compliance program effectiveness can be evaluated under DOJ and OIG principles
    • An objective outside review can be beneficial to your organization

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