How Software Can Prevent HIPAA Fines

How Software Can Prevent HIPAA Fines

Posted by Marcie Swenson
Jun 28, 2018 1:53:24 PM

HIPAA fines have been known to decimate an organization's finances. Just this month, MD Anderson was slammed with a devastating $4.3 million fine for violating the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules by failing to encrypt many of its devices. 

The worst part: They could have easily saved a fortune if they’d simply conducted a comprehensive risk assessment. In hindsight, that has to hurt.

Here at Healthicity, we can help you avoid a similar fate, as we're about to launch our own Security Risk Assessment Tool, an amazing new tool capable of improving your risk assessment process and streamlining the development of your risk mitigation work plan while simultaneously decreasing your workload. The tool is designed with your needs in mind, using our familiar approach to simplify complex processes so you can effortlessly tackle risks.

Your annual risk assessment doesn’t need to be a burden or bog down your workflow. This tool offers outstanding automation capabilities and leverages technology to capture comprehensive details and data that will increase your program effectiveness and provide you a superior view of your organization’s compliance risk profile.

See a live demo in our upcoming webinar, The Secrets to Affordable HIPAA Compliance.

During this thirty-minute webinar, we'll incorporate recent case studies of organization’s who failed to properly assess their risks; and show you how our tool can prevent you from becoming just another case study. We’ll demonstrate how you can leverage software to:

  • Complete your security risk assessment and create your mitigation work plan in 1 week
  • Assign risk assessments and gather data from varying disciplines
  • The way the tool combines, and helps you analyze, risk assessment data
  • Easily manage your risk assessment and work plan process
  • And much, much, more!

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