See How One Organization Upped their Auditing Game and Improved Revenue

See How One Organization Upped their Auditing Game and Improved Revenue

Posted by Stephani Scott
Aug 12, 2020 12:16:22 PM

Late last year, we conducted our annual survey of healthcare professionals, which we collected in our 2020 Annual Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report.  During the survey, 42% of healthcare respondents indicated that keeping up with new laws and regulations was their greatest challenge. Meanwhile, the second greatest challenge facing healthcare professionals was having too few dedicated resources, which results in their inability to provide timely and effective training. And that was before the pandemic started.

These results were not surprising. When we consider that the acquisition of private physician practices has more than doubled in the past three years, it only makes sense of why we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the volume of employee training and a significant uptick in coding and documentation audits.  Afterall, many private physician practices had even fewer compliance prior to their acquisition.

It’s no secret that regulations are constantly in flux, and that this year is clearly no exception. We’re all struggling to keep up with near-weekly changes for the delivery, documentation, coding, and billing of telemedicine services. That’s not to mention that we need to also start preparing for the upcoming 2021 E/M changes.

So, if your compliance program is being stretched to its limits, you are not alone. Which is why I’ll be presenting a new webinar, The Story Behind an E/M and Procedure Audit: A 5-year Case Study, where I’ll show you how other organizations are using compliance best practices to improve their bottom line and how you can also start:

  • Mitigating Compliance Program Challenges
  • Increasing Clinical Specialty Subject Matter Experts
  • Lowering the Cost of Performing Audits
  • Improving Your Organization’s Revenue

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