The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "When Pigs Fly (And Bite)" W55.41XA

Like many of us, Ada decided to take an Instagram-worthy trip to an apple farm to snag some apples, and yes, perhaps a selfie or two (#itsfallyall).

While perusing the rows and rows of apple trees turning a beautiful shade of yellow, she took in the cool fall air and embraced a day away from auditing, compliance, paperwork, and her laptop.

As she’s running through her Pinterest board to see which apple recipe to bake first – apple butter? Apple pie? Dare she consider a caramel apple? – Ada runs smack dab into an unexpected visitor.

The farm’s resident pig firmly believes that sharing is not caring, and unfortunately, pigs might fly before Ada enjoys a day without a misadventure or two.

bitten by pig - ada-high res teaser

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