Navigating Compliance Consequences and Incentives

Picture this: you design and execute what seems like the perfect compliance program.  

There’s only one problem – ensuring every individual acts in a compliant manner. Individuals must be motivated to follow the policies, training, and processes that compliance programs work so hard to put into place. 

So, how do you encourage adherence to compliance programs? Both the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the U.S. Department of Justice have emphasized the importance of proper incentives and consequences. 

Watch our webinar, “OIG GCPG: OIG and DOJ Direction on Consequences and Incentives,” where we will: 

  • Explore enforcement agencies’ expectations for consequences and incentives 
  • Give examples of escalating discipline 
  • Provide ideas for positively incentivizing compliance 

Presenter: CJ Wolf, MD 


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