The OIG CIA’s: Valuable Insights for Your Organization

According to the OIG’s website, “An integrity agreement (IA) is a document that outlines the obligations to which an individual practitioner, small group practice, or small provider agree as part of a civil settlement.” If I may be so bold, what better way to protect your organization than to see firsthand what’s landing other organizations in the hot seat?

Have you read a recent OIG Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)? If you’re shaking your head no, I get it. Reading about all the mistakes that landed folks in the hot seat might not be the jolliest way to spend an evening, but it sure is insightful. If you’ve read one lately, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Anything that surprised you?

A lot’s happening in compliance right now. For example, a recent CIA requires hiring two Deputy Compliance Officers and the standard Chief Compliance Officer requirement. Additionally, members of the Board are now required to receive training regarding the corporate governance responsibilities of board members and the duties of board members concerning review and oversight of the Compliance Program.

CIA’s show us what the OIG expects of a healthcare organization’s compliance program. And armed with all of that insight, we can better protect our organizations from noncompliance. And hopefully, we can avoid landing ourselves front and center in an upcoming CIA.

Tune in to my upcoming webinar, "Why You Should Be Leveraging CIAs to Improve Your Compliance Program," where I’ll dissect recent CIAs to provide you with the OIG’s expectations of the compliance officer role, training and certification/attestation requirements, and some unique requirements based on the allegations resolved.

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