The 2021 Medical Coding & Auditing Benchmark Report Is Here!

Between December 2020, and January 2021, together with our friends at AAPC, we conducted our annual survey of over 1,200 healthcare professionals like you to gather data on coding and auditing departments. Why do we do this?

Well, for one, compliance professionals consistently rank coding and billing issues as the number one risk to their compliance program.

But that’s not the only reason. We also conduct the survey so we can provide healthcare organizations with the opportunity to benchmark themselves against their peers, and other organizations across the country. Around here, we find the data fascinating, and even use it to hold our own standards up to critique and see how we can improve our internal best practices.

Most of you likely know that reporting audit results back to providers is a critical step in monitoring coding and billing compliance. And yet, 19% of organizations either don’t know if they include written results of provider audits, or simply do not include them at all. Other interesting data found in this year’s report?

  • 30% of Organizations Do Not Conduct Provider Audits
  • 85% of You Communicate Audit Results Back to Providers 100% of the Time
  • 34% of Respondents are Using Auditing Software to Improve Your Efficiency

Now we’re excited to release 2021’s “The 2021 State of Medical Coding & Auditing Report.” We hope you use this benchmark report to see how you and your organization stacks up against your fellow coders, auditors, or managers, and better understand:

  • How Frequently You Should Conduct Documentation and Coding Audits of Your Providers
  • Why Pass-rate Thresholds are Important to Ensuring Organizational Compliance
  • How Many Dates of Service Your Organization Should Require for Each Medical Provider

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