2020 Healthcare Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report

For months now, we’ve been working behind the scenes on our Annual Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report. Every year, we spend a great deal of time devouring the data, and putting your responses into this comprehensive view of the world of compliance, auditing and coding. It’s always a treat for us to go through the responses we get from healthcare professionals across the country, as it provides us a sneak peek into the trends, challenges, and growth organizations are seeing in these crucial fields.

And now, it’s time for us to share with you the final report, that we think will provide you with the same insight. In this, our fourth-annual report, The 2020 Annual State of Compliance and Auditing, we invite you to dive into all the data visualization, expert tips, and benchmarking data you’ll need to compare your organization to industry best practices. By leveraging the data inside our annual report, we believe you’ll be equipped to weather the current storm, and position your organization for a bright future.

annual-survey-design-draft-19-20-landerNow, more than ever, organizations both big and small need to understand the importance of having an effective compliance program. So, as you can imagine, we were happy to see that 96% of organizations polled already have a formal compliance program in place. That’s a whopping 17% increase from just two years ago!

Another sign of the widespread compliance adoption that we were happy to see this year, was that 73% of organizations polled are regularly auditing their physicians, while 82% of organizations conduct regular quality reviews of their coders and auditors.

By leveraging the data we collected from nearly 800 respondents, you’ll be equipped to weather the current storm we’re all facing, and see how your organization can plan for the future by:

  • Identifying Areas of Risks Within Your Organization
  • Setting Accurate Productivity Standards for Coders and Auditors
  • Comparing Your Program with Industry Standards
  • Understanding the Importance (and Value) of Post-audit Education


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