Stress Relief: 19 of our Favorite Ideas for Healthcare Compliance and Auditing Professionals

Mental health is highly important for everyone, including healthcare professionals. We encourage you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself with regular self-care for your mental health. We’ve designed this to be printable so you can work your way through the list, share it with others in your office, or use it as a friendly reminder to take some time for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

    1. Read a book or magazine (not work-related) for a few minutes
    2. Make yourself a warm cup of tea
    3. Focus on your breathing for 3 minutes*
    4. Run an errand away from your desk
    5. Pour yourself a glass of water and focus on nothing but drinking it
    6. Disconnect from social media for a day or a week
    7. Take a walk around the block
    8. Visit a local exercise class or gym
    9. Practice mindfulness at work*
    10. Doodle for a few minutes
    11. Listen to your favorite song
    12. Get to know your stress, so you can better manage it*
    13. Meditate for 10 minutes*
    14. Recall a previous holiday or peaceful place and mentally visit it for 5 minutes
    15. Use a relaxation spray or rollerball
    16. Make your own self-care plan
    17. Talk about mental health with a trusted friend or counselor
    18. Book a massage or spa treatment
    19. Practice yoga at your desk

What habits and tools help you stay mentally healthy and help keep your stress in check? Post them below in the comments for the benefit of all. Thanks!

*Recommended resources for mindfulness/meditation/relaxation techniques:


Healthy Minds Program:



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