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The High Stakes of Facility Claims: Why Auditing Matters

Find out how facility audits are the frontline defenders of revenue and compliance integrity for healthcare organizations.

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Using Intelligence Tools to Design Smarter Audit Programs

Imagine business intelligence tools as your trusty sidekicks, whispering sage advice while you navigate the rough waters of auditing land. Welcome Tableau.

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Your One-Stop Training Shop in Audit Manager

Check out our library that’s full of great training resources from us and some of our partners. It's also easy to track and assign training to your team.

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Demystifying Modifier 59

Let’s end the Modifier 59 mayhem! This often-used modifier can cause confusion – that's why we’re dedicating a whole webinar to it.

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5 Ways to Uncover Lost Revenue in Healthcare Billing

Even the smallest lost revenue opportunities can make a huge impact – here are several key ways to stop revenue leaks in your organization.

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Upcoding: Strategies to Address Medical Billing Concerns

Download this eBrief to discover effective strategies to address upcoding head-on and ensure accurate coding practices in healthcare.

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Uncovering Lost Revenue Opportunities in Healthcare Billing

Is your organization leaving money on the table? Watch this webinar and it will help you identify and mitigate revenue leaks!

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2023 HEALTHCON Highlights

We’re still feeling the Nashville spirit after attending AAPC’s 2023 HEALTHCON event! We put together a recap of the greatest hits from the event.

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Answers to Your Modifier 25 Webinar Questions

We tackle questions on modifier 25 from everything to reporting multiple codes, new patient visits, and clarification between several modifiers.

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Spreadsheet Shortcuts 101

Does the word “spreadsheet” make you think of never-ending cells, formulas, and tabs? Have no fear, we have the webinar for you.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Modifier 25

Medical coders and auditors – it’s time to talk about Modifier 25. Watch our webinar to discuss what it is, when to use it, and what CMS says about it.

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10 Ways to Tackle Medical Coding Staffing Shortages

There’s no end to staffing shortages in healthcare. Medical coders & billers are in high demand, but how do you keep and retain coding professionals?

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Understanding 13 Different Audit Types and Functions

With so many types of healthcare audits, it’s hard to keep up. So, we created a resource with a quick & easy overview of different audit types & functions.

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Your Checklist for Creating a Coding Red Book

Need to create a Coding Red Book, but aren’t sure where to start? Look no further! Get our free checklist for your Red Book outline.

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Audit Manager Checklist Crash Course

Checklists just got an upgrade. Watch this webinar and learn how to use checklists in Audit Manager to supercharge your reporting efforts!

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Creating Successful Audits from Start to Finish

Learn why audit results are so important – and how to maximize results once the audit is complete and how to collaborate with them.

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Answers to E/M Coding & Time-Based Services Questions

We tackled your 20+ questions from our recent E/M coding and time-based services webinar – get our answers!

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Answers to Your Questions on Radiation Oncology Coding

We’re tackling your questions from our radiation oncology webinar – check out all our answers to your insightful inquiries.

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2022 Healthcare Compliance Checkup Report

We surveyed hundreds of healthcare compliance professionals to create a roundup of stats, trends, and insights for 2022.

2022 Healthcare Auditing Checkup Report

Get exclusive insights from our survey of hundreds of healthcare auditing professionals. We’re giving you an inside look into what auditors are facing today.

E/M Coding and Other Time-Based Services

We’re giving you insights and best practices so you can feel confident documenting and billing time-based services.

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2022 Annual Healthcare Checkup Report

What did 2022 hold for compliance and auditing professionals? We surveyed hundreds of industry insiders to gather their predictions for the year ahead.

Your Guide to Reports in Audit Manager

From detailed provider and coder reports to competency and findings reports, we’re showing you how to maximize the possibilities of Audit Manager.

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Creating Successful Audits From Start to Finish

Wondering how to maximize your audit results? We’ll give you a hint – it starts with a strong audit set up process. We'll walk you through maximizing your audit opportunities!

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