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What CO's Should Know About Incident-to Billing

Learn how to see the potential risks facing your compliance program and leverage enforcement cases where “incident-to” billing was done inappropriately. CCB CEU available.

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Recent Enforcement of Mental Health Services

We summarize the latest settlements, proactive audits, and proposed Work Plan items regarding mental health services in 2021. CCB CEU available.

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The State of Coding, Auditing, and Compliance in 2021

Our team of experts will dive into our 2021 survey results to discuss the trends, common hurdles, and the many opportunities you have to improve your organization.

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Effective Incident, Assessment, & Training Management

We dedicated this webinar to the importance of risk assessments, incident reporting and management, and ongoing employee training. CCB CEU available.

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The Untold Synergy Between GRC and ESG Programs

If ESG is something that’s been on your radar, this webinar will discuss parallels between ESG & GRC and the potential impacts to your organization. CCB CEU available.

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Unlocking the Benefits of an Effective Governing Board

Understand your board's responsibilities, best practices to maximize their role and lessons learned from boards who failed. CCB CEU available.

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Actionable Insights for Physician Groups

This webinar focuses on compliance program guidance from OIG documents for services and providers typically found within physician groups. Watch for CCB CEU.

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What the OIG Exposed During Their Compliance Reviews

This webinar will provide content on the most recent Hospital Compliance Reviews performed by the OIG. Watch for CCB CEU.

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Sharing PHI During a Public Health Emergency

The OCR has released new guidance on the disclosing of protected health information due to COVID-19. Watch for CCB CEU.

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Effective Program Guidance for Hospitals & Health Systems

We’re such big fans of continuing education, especially in our shared love in compliance, we want to help you brush up on your OIG-recommended knowledge.

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Special Fraud Alerts: What You Need to Know

This webinar will focus on the OIG's recent Special Fraud Alert regarding Speaker Programs, where healthcare professionals present drug or device info.

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The Hazards of Being HIPAA Complacent

Don’t be so complacent and think that HIPAA compliance has been forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To Self-Disclose, or Not Self-Disclose

We debate the pros and cons of self-disclosure on three common issues, including HIPAA breach, Anti-Kickback and coding or billing repayment errors. CEU available.

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Unlocking the Fraudulent Mind

By learning the human desires, intentions, and actions that result in fraud, you can develop a better compliance program designed to correct non-compliance. CEU available.

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10 Compliance Rules to Live By

This webinar will bring to light the constant actions you should take to keep your compliance program effective. CEU available.

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EMTALA Mistakes You Should Never Make

Get recent EMTALA enforcements, foundational reviews and compliance requirements to insure you are meeting the standards.

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The Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Committee

Learn how to create your own compliance committee or re-engage and empower your existing one. CEU available.

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Reverse False Claims Act: Everything You Need to Know

Hear what is expected of your compliance program in terms of reverse false claims and what paradigm changes to look for moving forward. CEU available.

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