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Risk Analysis, Simplified

HIPAA Risk Analysis Services

Security Risk Analysis and Assessment

You’re likely to face many obstacles on your path to HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance. Expectations are high and you’re pressured with the vital, complicated task of meeting privacy and security requirements in a digital world where compliance regulations are always evolving and security breach is a constant threat.

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Benefits of Risk Analysis


Customized Options

Risk analysis solutions tailored to your organization’s specific size and needs.


Industry Expertise

Designed by leading healthcare security IT experts who understand HIPAA compliance.


of Mind

Spend less time worrying about compliance, data breach, fines, or incentive recoupment.


Affordable Options

Multiple options provide affordable solutions for budgets large or small.

Virtual Service Features

Remote Analysis

Tools to guide you through our process of conducting risk analysis which can be used to prove compliance if audited.

Consultation And Support

Two hours of one-on-one consulting to facilitate completion of the risk analysis. Direct assistance in completion of data gathering and reporting.

Thorough Reporting

Typically 40 to 50 pages in length, your report includes a CD with aggregate raw data, customized policy manual, policy templates, and more.

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan for vulnerabilities in your system so you can close security holes before you experience a data breach.

On-Site Service Features

Vendor-Agnostic Solutions

Based on modern technology standards and proven best practices.

Fully Managed Process

A step-by-step approach that includes planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management.

Individualized Service

We combine IT and healthcare consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to address your healthcare challenges.

3-in-1 Compliance

Whether you are attesting to meaningful use or want to secure patient information to comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, our On-Site Risk Analysis has you covered.

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