7 Healthcare Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now

The thing about working in the healthcare industry is that it’s impossible to know enough. Policies, laws, technology, and culture are constantly changing.

Luckily, we’re alive in the time of Twitter, a place where information flows freely, twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Twitter breaks for no man/woman. Here is a compilation of some of our favorite accounts that will help you stay on top of all things healthcare, all the time.

Neil Floch MD @NeilFlochMD: A great account for all things related to obesity, weight, and surgery. Floch is a good food advocate, and a surgeon who posts about weight, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, and healthcare news related to obesity rates and trends. He also posts about gastric bypass surgery, metabolic and bariatric surgery, and general healthcare.

Modern Healthcare @modrnhealthcr: As an award-winning healthcare business news, research and opinion account, they know how to deliver the good stuff. Modern Healthcare is a one-stop shop for information on just about everything from epidemics and procedures, to bills and laws to insurance, breaking news, and personal provider stories. It’s the place to go to fill up to the brim on everything happening in healthcare.

FierceHealth @FierceHealth: This account delivers need-to-know healthcare news, insights and trends for hospital CEOs and administrators. It’s our go-to account for great info on policies, procedures, and hospital-related current events.

Bruce Weinstein, PhD @TheEthicsGuy: Online columnist works with companies that want to do the right thing and that recognize high-character employees are the key to their success. Weinstein posts some great content on how to hire honest, accountable, compliant individuals for your organization.

Kapil Khatter MD @KhatterMD: Dr. Khatter is a self-proclaimed, “mild-mannered physician by day, publichealth superhero by night.” He’s great to follow because his account is both light and smart. He posts about random healthcare, laws, and news.

WSJ Health News @WSJhealth: The Wall Street Journal’s health account is a mecca of informative healthcare news. You’ll find a plethora of articles on general healthcare, biotech, new drugs & medicine.

HealthLeaders Media @HealthLeaders: HealthLeaders Media is an industry leading source for news, intelligence, and strategy for senior healthcare executives. We love the account for posts on improved patient care, health spending, and physician/nursing trends.

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