Deciphering Medical Decision Making - Your Guide to Navigating E&M Coding Changes

The first major revision to the Evaluation and Management (E&M) coding and documentation guidelines in over two decades has put the spotlight the importance of Medical Decision Making (MDM) as the essential element when choosing an E&M level that isn’t time-based.

Join us for this webinar, “Deciphering the 'Medical' in Medical Decision Making,” where we will discuss:

    • Key medical concepts coders and auditors must understand to help clinicians with MDM
    • An exploration of the meaning of the words “self-limited,” “stable,” “uncomplicated,” and “severe exacerbation” as they relate to medical conditions, injuries or problems
    • Approaches to understanding “Risk of Complications and/or Morbidity or Mortality of Patient Management”

Live Date/Time: Wednesday, December 13 at 1 PM ET

Presenter: CJ Wolf, MD


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