Healthcare Compliance Experts: This Webinar Workshop Could Save Your Hospital Millions of Dollars in Overpayments

The OIG continues to perform focused audits on hospital claims using billing data from thousands of hospitals and performing data analytics to determine which hospitals and specific services to audit.

In the four most recent hospital audits, the OIG estimated overpayments to each hospital of a whopping $13.5 million, $11.8 million, $4.4 million, and $389,000. Of course, they are recommending that the hospitals return these funds.

Numbers that high can cause even the most cool-headed compliance officer to sweat just a little bit. Because even if we’ve done everything right, there’s always that tiny seed in the back of our minds that starts growing. Did I miss something?

These audits usually focus on problem areas the OIG has identified in previous audits, and the universe of claims typically covers inpatient and outpatient services.

How did it all go so terribly wrong for these organizations? Unfortunately, these things can happen if we’re not prepared. The OIG typically concludes, “these errors occurred primarily because the Hospital did not have adequate internal controls to prevent the incorrect billing of Medicare claims within the selected risk areas that contained errors.” Luckily, it’s never too late to put adequate controls in place.

How? Well, it might be easier than you think. One of the essential elements of an effective compliance program is auditing and monitoring. There are numerous ways to audit and monitor, but technology can certainly take your compliance program to the next level. It’s especially true when performing a risk analysis on a developed audit plan. In their guidance document on the evaluation of compliance programs, the U.S. Department of Justice asked:

    • “How often has the company updated its risk assessments and reviewed its compliance policies, procedures, and practices?”
    • “Has the company undertaken a gap analysis to determine if particular areas of risk are not sufficiently addressed in its policies, controls, or training?”
    • “Does the company devote a disproportionate amount of time to policing low-risk areas instead of high-risk areas…?”

Helping you, our fellow compliance professionals, protect your organization from millions of dollars in overpayments is exactly why we’re hosting our upcoming OIG Hospital Audits workshop. It’s an extended two-hour webinar. Our compliance expert, CJ Wolf M.D., will take a deep dive into the recent audits, give actionable ways you can immediately begin to put internal controls in place, and even show you some helpful tools for doing it as efficiently as possible.

Join our upcoming workshop where you will earn 3.6 CEUs, “How to Use the OIG Hospital Audits to Prevent Overpayments in Your Organization,” for an extended two-hour webinar that will dive deep into the hospital audits and even demo tools that you can use to prevent overpayments.  In this workshop, you will learn:

    • What the OIG is Searching For With These Audits (And What They’ve Found)
    • How to Enhance Your Compliance Program to Avoid the Same Million Dollar Mistakes
    • Software Tools to Make it Easy For you to Improve Your Program Today
    • Performing a Compliance Risk Assessment or Risk Analysis
    • Developing an Audit Plan
    • Creating and Executing an Audit

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