The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "O Christmas Tree" W61.92XD

The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "O Christmas Tree" W61.92XD

Posted by Healthicity
Dec 22, 2020 11:10:13 AM

At this point, it’s almost become cliché to say how strange, or weird, or befuddling the year 2020 has been. It’s thrown us off our normal circadian rhythms, leaving us wondering at any given moment what day, or even month it is. But if there’s one season Ada would never let be forgotten or, worse yet, ruined, it’s the holidays. The time where she (and all of us) can take a look back and focus on the good that has happened during the past 12 months, even when it may seem as thought there was little to celebrate.

It was with holiday spirit that Ada prepared to leave the house for the first time in weeks. She began by throwing layers upon layers of warmth and protection from the elements. Neither the cold, nor COVID, nor or any other obstacle was going to spoil her annual tradition of going out into nature and finding just the right tree to bring home and decorate.

After she had taken the necessary personal precautions, she got Rex loaded into the car and headed up to her favorite tree-hunting spot. She spent hours in the woods, battling frostbite and hunger, while tree-after-tree was inspected. One was too small, another was too tall, and still others were either too fat or too skinny. But on she went, undaunted, until she came upon her own Christmas miracle. It was almost preordained, finding this tree, glowing from top to bottom in heavenly light. She knew she had to have it before anyone else would find it. So, she hurriedly pulled out her trusty axe, chopped the beauty down, and rushed it to her car.

Once home, she set it up in a flash before admiring the fruits of her labor. It was going to be the best holiday season ever, until…

Ada Christmas 2020 - O Christmas Tree


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