Training and Education: Compliance on the Frontline

Training and education touches employees on the front lines more than any other element of an effective compliance program. Some compliance programs mistakenly assume this element is as simple as assigning compliance training once a year to the entire workforce. While that’s important, too, it’s a lot more effective for the frontline employee if certain principles are considered.

Know Your Audience

First, the organization should define the appropriate audience for each type of compliance training (general, issue specific, high risk, etc.). When evaluating this, consider auditing job codes to ensure the correct training has been assigned to the correct people based on what the bulk of their individual work entails. Also, review job codes to ensure training, including job-specific job training, is being conducted according to the established training plan.

Audit to ensure your organization has designated certain positions to be deemed as high-risk (coding, billing, physicians, etc.) and has established training requirements for these high-risk positions. Then, compare risks posed by these positions against training materials to ensure specific risks are addressed. Lastly, audit high-risk training completion rates.

Survey for Effectiveness

Another important consideration for frontline employees regarding training and education is determining the effectiveness of the training provided and updating or changing the training when it hasn’t been as effective as it could be.

For example, consider surveying employees to determine the effectiveness and level of understanding by employees to the material presented. Conduct post‐training evaluations. Review and track questions and disclosures made following the dissemination of information and education.

You can also conduct document reviews to ensure employees are surveyed for their training/education needs and what they feel they need training on. Interview staff to assess effectiveness of the training plan and confirm that training takes employee feedback into consideration.

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