Ada Takes a Big Risk for Office Efficiency

In the bustling world of office life, Ada is a paper-shuffling champion. Day in and day out, she's a whirlwind of efficiency, darting between her desk and the copier through a never-ending maze of cubicles.

As she weaves and dodges, she can’t help but wonder if there’s a faster way to move around the office.

Then, an ad for heelies – shoes with wheels – flashes across her computer screen. The image of herself zooming gracefully through the office on heelies fills her mind.

Ada can practically feel the wind in her hair as she sits at her desk, trying on her shiny new heelies. Ada is off like a rocket, zipping down the office corridor at breakneck speed. Her arms extend gracefully, gliding across the multi-colored office carpet. For a fleeting moment, she's the star of her very own blockbuster movie.

And then reality crashes in – literally. In her heelie-induced euphoria, Ada is greeted by Tom’s office door with a resounding thud. Ada, now tangled in a heap of limbs and heelies, realizes that maybe, just maybe, her dream of becoming an office speedster needs a bit more practice.

The Wheels Fall Off Ada’s Plan for Office Efficiency


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