Behind the Scenes of a $2 Million Government Settlement

Extra, extra – read all about it!  

We’ve seen the one-page press releases and headlines about government settlements resolving allegations of improper billing and coding. 

Have you ever taken a moment to dissect the case? What codes were involved? What improper billing allegations led to the issue? Coders, auditors, and compliance professionals should know the deeper details and not just the high-level overview. 

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Decoding Billing Allegations: Lessons from a $2 Million Settlement,” where we’ll dissect the case of a physician practice that paid $2,000,000 to settle billing and coding allegations, including issues involving: 

  • Specific codes 
  • Billing patterns 
  • Modifiers  
  • Medical necessity  

We’ll also cover: 

  • How the government uses data to identify coding and billing problems 
  • Why you must be accurate in the codes and modifiers you select to bill 
  • The role that medical necessity plays in proper coding and billing 

Presenter: CJ Wolf, MD 


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