The Complete Guide to Improving Your Inpatient Coding and Auditing

Four years ago ICD-10-CM launched, and many of us were scrambling to understand the changes, put them into practice, and maintain our already high standards of accuracy and efficiency.  Fast forward four years, and already, I see a trend amongst coders and auditors, becoming complacent.

Sure, it takes a lot of time to thoroughly review medical records, query our providers, or look up specific codes. But saving time by not doing those things, and crossing our Ts and dotting our Is is resulting in untold missed opportunities. Look, I know we’re all overworked, and sometimes feel underappreciated.

But what’s also occurred during the past four years, is financial scrutiny increasing for hospitals, while regulations have become more complex. The result? The need for highly detailed and experienced inpatient coders and auditors is booming.

Sometimes, all it takes to be your best professional self is a little reset, and hopefully you were able to take a nice little vacation this summer. Another form of reset is our upcoming webinar, The Complete Guide to Improving Your Inpatient Coding and Auditing, where we’ll cover all things inpatient coding and auditing, including:

  • Understanding what sources of documentation you need to review
  • Interpreting documentation into codes and status indicators
  • Knowing how to apply proper coding guidelines

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