Free Webinar + Toolkit to Conduct Your Compliance Program Assessment

The OIG has stated that entities “should regularly review the implementation and execution of their compliance program elements. This review should be conducted at least annually and should include an assessment of each of the basic elements individually, as well as the overall success of the program.”

So what they’re saying is, you have a compliance program in place, but is it lowering risk and protecting your organization from non-compliance, fines, and more? Exactly how effective is your compliance program?

A Compliance Program Effectiveness Review is crucial for maintaining compliance and preventing risk. But getting it started can feel daunting. Where do you begin? What are the OIG and DOJ expectations? What are the metrics for measuring the effectiveness of various program elements?

[Screams into void].

But it doesn’t have to be stress-inducing (thankfully, because you’ve got enough to worry about). It can be pretty straightforward and as simple as a checklist as long as you have the general know-how.

We’ve designed this webinar, “How to Perform a Compliance Program Effectiveness Review + a Free Review Kit,” to simplify your effectiveness review process. Compliance expert, CJ Wolf, MD., will break down the entire process for you, and we’ll throw in a free toolkit after you attend the webinar that will make performing your assessment a piece of cake. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • All about the OIG and DOJ compliance program expectations.
    • Where to find resources and metrics for measuring individual program elements and overall program.
    • A toolkit to help you begin your review.

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