HEALTHCON 2024: Betting Big on Coding Excellence in Las Vegas!

HEALTHCON 2024 is around the corner – and before you get ready for the bright lights of Las Vegas, let’s take a sneak peek at upcoming sessions and topics.  

Join us for our upcoming webinar, “Lights, Codes, Action! HEALTHCON 2024 Takes Center Stage in Vegas” for expert insights into anticipated highlights, including speakers and topics like: 

  • E/M Panel 
  • Legal Trends Panel 
  • Career Paths and Opportunities in Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Compliance Panel 
  • Ask the Coder Panel 
  • Understanding Telehealth Post PHE  
  • Enforcement case involving the new MDM E/M Guidelines  
  • Identifying and Avoiding Audit Error in Fraud Investigations 
  • And so much more! 

Don’t roll the dice with your HEALTHCON itinerary – sign up today for our webinar! 

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