How to Support Your Compliance Officer

As a Compliance Officer, you’re charged with the complicated task of creating and maintaining compliance. You manage a thousand moving parts, often while fighting a constant, uphill battle to prove the legitimacy of your relatively new, though crucial, position.

You’re often misunderstood by management and colleagues because your job is to protect your organization, to maintain compliance. Unfortunately this often puts you in direct conflict with management or your colleagues charged with making money. When ethics and money go head-to-head, you feel the brunt of the collective frustrations.

Sometimes, it’s hard to feel like part of the team while convincing everyone around you that you’re doing a job that must be done so that your organization can maintain compliance and thrive. You know what’s at stake but sometimes it can feel impossible to get everyone on board.

Being unsupported or marginalized in your workplace can increase stress or make you feel isolated from the rest of the organization. The good news is that you’re not alone. There are steps you can take to relieve stress and feel like part of the team. And there are things your organization can do to create an all-inclusive culture of compliance.

For more information on this topic, you can download our free eBrief, "It's Lonely Being a Compliance Officer."

Simple Ways To Relieve Stress And Decrease Feelings Of Isolation:

  • Participate in professional networks
  • Contribute to conferences
  • Build relationships with other departments

Click the button below to download our free eBrief, "It’s Lonely Being A Compliance Officer", for common experiences and studies related to our challenging profession. And ways to deal with work-related stress, isolation, and how to establish legitimacy:

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What are some ways you, as a Compliance Officer, have tackled these issues? How do you relieve work-related stress, and communicate the importance of compliance to the rest of your organization? What important lessons have you learned on your own compliance journey?

Help out your fellow Compliance Officers by leaving your tips in the comments below.

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